Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What A Nice Guy!

Ok, I just had to share this order that I received for a Shrinkx Belt....

The order came from a guy in California, and in the field that asked when the due date was, he had put in the day before the order was placed. I assumed that it was a husband ordering for his wife when I replied, thanking him for the order and that I would get it to him ASAP!

I then get another email from this same guy asking me to ship it to a different address than was on the order form...he gave me the new address and I replied once more that it wouldn't be a problem and that I had made the change and would let him know when it had been shipped.

I then get a phone call from this same guy making sure I received the email stating the address change...which I had already replied to, and I said "Yes, did you not get my email this morning?"

He looks again and says "Oh, here it is I'm really sorry, I just overlooked it...I just wanted to be sure it gets shipped right away and to the right address"....

The guy who was so diligent in making sure this order was done and processed right, was actually the BROTHER of the New Mommy! How awesome is that!

Good Brother....Lucky Sister!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunday Baseball With Dr. Ari Brown

The Allens and the Browns have shared many a season with our boys on the same baseball team. The Dads coaching together and the boys battling hard together!

This year the boys are on different teams and played against each other on Sunday. Ari and I chatted and cheered, wanting both boys to do well, but still wanting to end with a win.

Ari must be one of those amazing multi-taskers...she has to be! She has her practice with Capitol Pediatrics, Co-author of the Baby 411 and Toddler 411 series, with a new book that will definitely be a must read for any Mom-To-Be due out March 2010. A wife, mother, and I'm sure there's more, but I'm getting tired....

I thought I had a full plate with energy to spare! Talking with her made me realize that I must have another reserve that needs to be tapped into...either that or a very strong cup of coffee!

Fun day at the ball field, fun conversation with friends, the kind of conversation that makes you dig deeper into yourself...oh, and... WE WON!!

Sorry Ari...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Special Delivery... After Delivery!

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of Shrinkx Belts that my fabricator was so gracious to put a rush on....got shipping boxes, packing materials, shipping labels... and once the belts get here, then off we go!

Everyone that has participated in the Pre-Sale has become a special part of this journey ... my first "real" orders...not friends and family, but real people that I get to reach out to and share this awesome discovery with!

This is what I would call the fun part!

I can't wait for these new Moms to receive their next "Special Delivery"!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Much To Do...So Little Time...

I remember people saying that as you get older, time just seems to fast forward at an earth shaking speed.
Of course when I was a child I thought "are you kidding me...if this day ever ends I'll be forever grateful!" But now...boy do I get it!
I hate to acknowledge that one, I was wrong to always think they were full of it, but secondly, I hate to think I must be getting "old".
I don't feel like I am...I like to pretend that I haven't changed a bit since High School...Ok, even I'm not that good at pretending, but it does seem like the days start and finish with the blink of an eye now and I just want to scream "SLOW DOWN WORLD, I HAVE SHORT LEGS AND IT'S HARD FOR ME TO KEEP UP!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Problem To Have

I am running on adrenaline!

My Shrinkx Pre-Sale for our June launch has been great! The only problem is, and I'm not really complaining, but I have been getting orders from Moms that delivered yesterday!

This is where my personality becomes a possible problem. My personality is such that I can't just say "so sorry, but my shipment won't arrive until late May, catch me on the next baby!"...because I really want them to have what they deserve after pregnancy, a healthy little miracle and the body that they have been so accustomed to back, or even better!

So I have been doing some "hoop jumping" with a very wonderful and patient fabricator...I don't know if he is speaking as highly of me right now, but I am thrilled that he has agreed to join me in the hoop jumping so that I don't have to turn anyone away!

Janiene wisdom:
"A heart is just as important as a business plan!"

I wonder if Trump would support that? Nah...probably not...I think I would have just gotten fired...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A New Little One Has Arrived!

Another little miracle arrived today, Thursday, April 9th. She may be my niece, but even if she wasn't, I still would have to say that she is one of the more beautiful little miracles created.

I guess I would have to say that "little ones" bring out the best in me.

I'm a Mom through and through! It's the one thing in my life that I REALLY felt like I was actually good at. Before kids, I would always think to myself....I know I can DO alot of things, but I don't feel like I DO any one thing REALLY well. Then I became a Mom and something just clicked. I just felt good doing it, confident doing it, felt like I was susposed to be doing it, and mostly, I finally felt like I was doing something well.

So because I feel great being a Mom, I guess you could guess that I'm drawn to little ones like a magnet to metal! I'm currently caring for a dear friends little girl during the week and even though my days are very busy, especially with the creation of Shrinkx, I have to say that having this little one with me 9 hours a day - 5 days a week, I smile more during those hours having her than I ever would if she were not here.

Little ones, even when they are not your own, make you stop, take a breath, ground yourself once more....and smile!

Thank goodness for the little ones!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Evening With Heather Armstrong

Had to share! I went to the book signing for the newly released and New York's Best Seller's List "It Sucked and then I Cried", written by Heather Armstrong the creator of dooce.com.

First of all, let me say that Heather herself is about the most animated and entertaining person I have listened to in a very long time.

You almost feel like your sitting there (with the other 300 woman) listening to your best friend describing her day in very entertaining detail...without an edit button...which makes it all the more entertaining!

The book is just as entertaining....I did catch myself actually laughing out loud several times even though the content wasn't necessarily designed to be funny.

It's that kind of book that talks about alot of things many Moms experience that aren't necessarily wonderful, but its real life.

Very engaging speaker, good read, fun night!

I included a picture of me with Heather....NO COMMENTS PLEASE about the gum in my mouth!! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Shrinkx Journey Has Begun!

Most of my close friends would say..."Well it's about time." And I guess I would have to say that I completely deserve that! The reason being is that my new baby...the Shrinkx Post Natal Hip Belt was created back in 2000 after I had my daughter.

It took me a little while to get off my rear and finally get moving on things. I guess mostly I was just consumed with being a Mom and feeling totally complete doing so. My kids are amazing, my husband is amazing, so why rock the boat! So I just passed my belt around to all my girlfriends just because....not really knowing if it would ever really work for them...I thought maybe I just got really lucky! I mean truly, being 5 foot tall and being able to take almost 2 inches off of my hip measurement AFTER having both my kidos was Christmas in July! I could have danced in the streets!

Then I start hearing back from my girlfriends that actually used the belt, and they too were ready to do the street dancing. That's when I said "Man this could be one heck of a street party if I pass this on to any Mom that might want to dance in the streets with me and my dearest friends and all of us sporting the new and improved post pregnancy hips!" So I started my journey with a very patient and dear friend by my side, keeping me on track, focused, and not so terrified. I'm thinking this is going to be some kind of crazy...patent writing, product design, packaging, business strategies....and yes crazy it has been, but crazy exciting as well!

I'm a nurturer by nature, so check out my new baby that I continue to nurture....Shrinkx!