Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls Do Need Their Girlfriends...

I have to say, this has been my year of stepping outside my box!

So since I have a bit of momentum going, I decided to finally accept the one of many invitations and join in on a "girls trip!"

Yes, I'm over 40, that's alot more painful in print than it is verbalizing, and I have never been on a girls trip...ever!

I just felt like it was a indulgence of some sort that I just didn't need.

I guess somehow I felt like it was taking away from my family and so I just always found a reason to gracefully say "No Thanks!"

Well this year I finally said YES!

I went with six of my friends to Cabo for a quick four day three night trip, and this is what I have discovered... We do need our girlfriends!

As wonderful as my family is...all of them, there is a different level of relaxation and conversation when it's just the girls.

I actually had time to think, reflect, plan a full day around me...WOW!

I came home feeling refreshed, a bit empowered by all the great girl talk, and grateful for my girlfriends!

So ladies, you broke me in!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Share Your Success...It Inspires Us!

I always include a card when I ship a Shrinkx Belt that requests that you share your success with us.

And although your comments to me personally via email have been wonderful, those are private and I can't share them.

So this is a shout out to all you Shrinkx veterans and new users of the Shrinkx Belt to share your story...your journey with Shrinkx.

The stories are not only exciting to read but inspiring, and give a feeling of hope to pregnant moms-to-be.

So share your stories, your excitement, and even your measurements!

The energy is contagious and your success will inspire someone else.

Feel free to add other tips that might be helpful to new users and anything else that might have contributed to helping you feel fabulous after baby...even more fabulous than before giving your body over to pregnancy and childbirth.

The name of the game is "Lift Another Lady Up!"
Pass it on...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pregnancy Weight Gain...Touchy Topic...

A committee of doctors from the Institute of Medicine has issued new guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy. The guidelines are "for women of all sizes, starting with a prepregnancy checkup that addresses weight, diet, and exercise..."

Ok, for me this can be a very touchy topic...

I don't believe that the old theory of "your eating for two now so pile that plate on up! " is beneficial to anyone, but more, the common sense gene steps in and says... if your hungry eat, if not, then don't!
Should you try to make good choices? Yes. Does that always happen? No.
Just do the best you can....make a true effort...that's it!

The reason I feel so strongly is that when focus on weight becomes the center of the pregnancy, it can become a very miserable 40 weeks. And some people just gain differently during pregnancy no matter what they do. Some gain alot, but don't eat alot...some don't gain much at all, and eat all day! I think the focus should more be on the quality of food that you are trying to keep in your diet during pregnancy, and then just let nature take its course.

When I was pregnant with my first child, because I'm so short, I was really worried that I would turn into a rolly polly so I excercised through my entire pregnancy....ran the morning of the day my water broke! I was determined to not gain any more then I needed to...well, I gained 35 pounds at 5 foot tall! Not terrible, but not great!

Then several years later I'm pregnant with my second child, and being that it was considered a high risk pregnancy, I could not workout much at all! Ate the exact same way as my first, very restricted on any type of exercise...gained 35 pounds!! The exact same amount as the first time around! I really believe that my body just did what it felt was best...which on the new guidelines is considered to be on the upper end of the weight gain chart...oops...

Obviously there are risks that are associated with very high weight gain during pregnancy, and I know that is the reason for the guidelines. They are there to help avoid potential problems for both Mommy and Baby.

I'm just saying...careful Doc, unless truly warranted, that is one touchy topic.

OK, I have one completely demeaning question asked of me by a female doctor that was filling in for my usual doctor when I was pregnant with my first that I have to share...She asked me "if I was a closet eater, because my husband said that I always make healthy choices, but my weight gain didn't reflect that"... I cried all the way home.
Anyone else have a similar horror story? If so, you have to share it, don't leave me hanging solo!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Gift To Treasure

This will be a bit of a sentimental post, but it touched me so much that I couldn't not do it.

I have been so fortunate to be able to be a stay at home Mom to my kids...which I have loved and treasured.

This past year my daughters First Grade teacher had her first child in the later part of the summer and was having a true struggle with placing her in day care when the school year started. So I suggested that I would care for her full time through the school year and would be able to balance everything else out just fine. I understood her struggle.

So I cared for Mary Jane through this past school year full time, and yes it was a full load, and yes I had to stay very scheduled and structured, but what a gift she is. With all the craziness with the economy and different stresses in the world today, I can honestly say that I smiled more having her, then I every would have without her there. So basically, nurturing her, nurtured me as well.

Well, the school year ended and I will have her again this fall, but for now I only get to have her once a week to keep a bit of continuity there for this next school year...just to make the transition easier for her. But last week when I had her here for the day, there was a little box in her diaper bag beautifully wrapped from Tiffany & Co. that had my name on it. I opened the gift and it was the Tiffany Link Bracelet...just beautiful...and a note thanking me for being that link to an amazing first year for little Mary Jane.

I say, thank you Mary Jane, for all the spontaneous smiles and out loud laughter that you prompted from me....and I will treasure my gift.