Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pregnancy Weight Gain...Touchy Topic...

A committee of doctors from the Institute of Medicine has issued new guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy. The guidelines are "for women of all sizes, starting with a prepregnancy checkup that addresses weight, diet, and exercise..."

Ok, for me this can be a very touchy topic...

I don't believe that the old theory of "your eating for two now so pile that plate on up! " is beneficial to anyone, but more, the common sense gene steps in and says... if your hungry eat, if not, then don't!
Should you try to make good choices? Yes. Does that always happen? No.
Just do the best you can....make a true effort...that's it!

The reason I feel so strongly is that when focus on weight becomes the center of the pregnancy, it can become a very miserable 40 weeks. And some people just gain differently during pregnancy no matter what they do. Some gain alot, but don't eat alot...some don't gain much at all, and eat all day! I think the focus should more be on the quality of food that you are trying to keep in your diet during pregnancy, and then just let nature take its course.

When I was pregnant with my first child, because I'm so short, I was really worried that I would turn into a rolly polly so I excercised through my entire pregnancy....ran the morning of the day my water broke! I was determined to not gain any more then I needed to...well, I gained 35 pounds at 5 foot tall! Not terrible, but not great!

Then several years later I'm pregnant with my second child, and being that it was considered a high risk pregnancy, I could not workout much at all! Ate the exact same way as my first, very restricted on any type of exercise...gained 35 pounds!! The exact same amount as the first time around! I really believe that my body just did what it felt was best...which on the new guidelines is considered to be on the upper end of the weight gain chart...oops...

Obviously there are risks that are associated with very high weight gain during pregnancy, and I know that is the reason for the guidelines. They are there to help avoid potential problems for both Mommy and Baby.

I'm just saying...careful Doc, unless truly warranted, that is one touchy topic.

OK, I have one completely demeaning question asked of me by a female doctor that was filling in for my usual doctor when I was pregnant with my first that I have to share...She asked me "if I was a closet eater, because my husband said that I always make healthy choices, but my weight gain didn't reflect that"... I cried all the way home.
Anyone else have a similar horror story? If so, you have to share it, don't leave me hanging solo!

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