Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls Do Need Their Girlfriends...

I have to say, this has been my year of stepping outside my box!

So since I have a bit of momentum going, I decided to finally accept the one of many invitations and join in on a "girls trip!"

Yes, I'm over 40, that's alot more painful in print than it is verbalizing, and I have never been on a girls trip...ever!

I just felt like it was a indulgence of some sort that I just didn't need.

I guess somehow I felt like it was taking away from my family and so I just always found a reason to gracefully say "No Thanks!"

Well this year I finally said YES!

I went with six of my friends to Cabo for a quick four day three night trip, and this is what I have discovered... We do need our girlfriends!

As wonderful as my family is...all of them, there is a different level of relaxation and conversation when it's just the girls.

I actually had time to think, reflect, plan a full day around me...WOW!

I came home feeling refreshed, a bit empowered by all the great girl talk, and grateful for my girlfriends!

So ladies, you broke me in!


Marie said...

Yeah and finally is right!!! :))) I hope you don't wait another 40 years to do that again.

Linda said...

Yeah Janiene, it's about time! I can't wait for the next one!