Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moms of Toddlers, Save Your Back!

As most of you know by now from earlier posts, I am a Mom, but my kids are way past the toddler phase...13 years old and 9 years, how the years fly...

Also, you may remember that I take care of a little one that just turned one year old this month, which puts me back into the "Toddler World" very quickly!

Mary Jane is her name and she has just gotten into the stage of wanting to walk around furniture, walk pushing her cart, and walk holding my fingers...but not ready to walk solo.

I may only be 5 foot tall, but that still means hunching over and letting this adorable one year old hold onto my fingers and walk endlessly around the house...we do laps, and my back hates me for it!

Ok, then I find this new product called Walking Wings!
You can find them at Babies R Us or purchase online. It's awesome!

This is how it works...
The child is basically placed in a very cushioned and comfortable harness that has straps above the shoulders that YOU can ADJUST to your own height and comfort.

You then hold the straps, instead of the little ones hands, and assist them in walking while YOU are in an upright position!

She loves it! Her hands are free to balance and explore and I am free from back pain!
A true win - win!


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