Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blogging For Charity! Shrinkx Is In!

I came across this website called Hotels Combined that will donate $20 to one of the following charities if you make a mention in one of your blogs! Here is some good information as to who they are and how it works....

"Hotels Combined is a leading price comparison system used by over 25 million people every year. We aggregate and compare accommodation prices from all major sources such as,, and many more. We are a free research tool helping users find the best priced accommodation option. If required, the reservation is made directly on the compared websites (,, Priceline etc..)"

"Every time a new blogger mentions us we donate $20 to one of the selected charities (WWF, World Vision or Make-A-Wish Foundation). This way while promoting our service we help those truly in need."

To participate, and why not, just takes a couple minutes, just do the following: "Make a post or a comment about on your blog. There are no rules or format of how to mention us – it’s absolutely up to you. We will donate funds as long as you’ve mentioned on any page of your blog."

For final details:
check out and on your next post, blog for charity!

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